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The Seneca Rocks and a Sharp-Shinned Hawk

The Hike

  A 1.5 mile to the top North ridge, a moderate hike that gets your heart to disclose it's location and mood. Lots of old Oak trees form a dense canopy that shield most sunlight or rain.

Web pic below
 The view towards WV28 and 33

At ridge level along the mountain "backbone" a wicked  view awaited . A highly visible sign warns about the current death toll of 12. Both sides of the vertical strata were flanked by more than 800 foot drops.

                                               The Hawk Tired of birds hitting our large glass windows, both intentionally (challenging the reflection) or by mistake, which, usually ends in tragedy for the avian projectile, I decided to carve a realistic Sharp-Shinned hawk decoy hoping to scare the heck out of the trespassers.  Upon confronting the first test subject to it, our very small dog,  highly determined growling ensued. The birds reaction wasn't that evident.

Another Winter Chill and Some New Birds

Happy Mother's Day to those who deserve the title and the sweet rewards. Having recently lost my MIL, with whom I really connected with and respected, it is a sad day, an emptiness remains never to be filled by anyone else. Only memories remain to comfort us who loved her.

Lots of rain last week precluded any attempt at pending renovation work, so I set foot into my woodcarving shop to explore the many half-done bird wood projects awaiting completion.  I selected 3 of which 2 needed at least 2 full days of work.  Now finished they only pend on proper bases/legs.

                                          American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) Summer
                                          plumage/breeding season.

                                         Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) Decoy form.

Both are carved from soft woods, with added heads and beaks for strength. Quality glass eyes, Jo Sonja's matte acrylics and a final coat of UV absorber complete the task.  The …