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Academic Nudes of the 19th Century: Ludwig von Hofmann (1861 – 1945): Stehender Jungli...


Surreal Light Oils, Watercolours and Acrylics by Daniel Barkley

These are some of the oils Daniel Barkley have created, fantastic light effect and mundane scenes depicting the human in a ghostly mythical way. It draws you in and keeps you staring at it all. Would love to own one.
It is cold outdoors, but luckily toasty warm in my living room where I sit to update the blog. Last July, John and Lil' Palmer, a couple who I befriended and kindly patronize my work, tragically lost their lives in a fatal single-car accident while returning from a trip to see mutual friends here in Green Bank. Sadly, I missed seeing them because I was in Seattle,WA on my way back to the East Coast.  The Palmers were well-known and highly-respected collectors of Americana focusing on Virginia and the South with a special emphasis on important Virginia folk pottery. John recorded detailed provenance and research notes for their collection and many pieces carry publication and exhibition records. Lil loved birds and had an eye for collecting and acquiring those she liked. She owned many of the wooden birds I carved and commissioned several large pieces. Her common method of coaxing me to carve her more birds was by telling me that "her birds were lonely and they wa…