Studio and Gallery Update

The Process...

So quite a bit of work remains to be done outside and inside before I can announce an opening, hopefully, clear dry weather will prevail and allow for the application of exterior paint. Porch details are partially in place as well as all weathering caulk. I searched into my head magma for a quick design for the roof apex vent and executed the final idea from old galvanized metal sheeting and old copper sheeting. As seen on photo below. The old galvanized metal had multiple coats of green paint slightly rubbed, perfect background for a vine design with bird cutouts filled with old shiny copper sheeting. The afternoon Sun reflects upon the surface and shines bright.
Cut outs allow for heat venting while at the same time showing a decorative element related to the building's new purpose as a Studio / Art Gallery. I plan on applying bright Colonial period colors to the front facade and door, leaving the sides a dark chocolate shade as was the building's original color... more to come later as progress ensues.

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