Americana Black Walnut Bald Eagle 

Half Spread Sitting Eagle

A project that had been on hold for over a year now, awaiting for visual signs of wood block drying behaviour. The now stable thick block of Black Walnut had been cut from a large tree felled in a Pulaski, VA church parking lot about 11 years ago. I had cut the log in sections 5 to 6 foot long for easier transport and storage. I wanted the "Eagle" to be "accurate", yet resemble the old Americana and German styled eagles often depicted in seals and statuary in a sitting pose with half spread wings. Due to size, both wings required to be separate component in a double mortise/tenon keyed arrangement I had developed before for another large scale "bird".

                                                                           Head Detail

 This photo shows the
oversize tenon required
for holding the right side
wing in place.


         The photo above shows the full body, one piece block of black walnut wood, well dried and stable.                                                                                     


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