Downy Woodpecker Woodcarving (Finished)

A few days back I received a request for a Downy woodcarving and so have been working a few hours per day getting it ahead for delivery June 9th. It's not a complex project, but one that requires time and detail work. Trying not to miss on the nice weather opportunities for outdoor fun, while my son is back from college, I have been working on it mostly at night. The 3 most recent pictures show the finished work, kiln dried Eastern White Pine was used for the bird, a pyropen to detail all feather groups and Jo Sonja acrylics to apply the color markings of the species. Quality glass eyes are inserted and eyelids created/molded by hand to add realism and to serve in securing the eyes permanently. The display was set of a split branch of Oak that was extensively worked to show the best grain patterns.
Downy Woodpecker
 Carved from kiln dried Eastern White Pine, pyrographic pen detailing of feather groups and final application of color. The bird will be mounted on to a wooden substrate to be hanged on a wall, a more suitable display option for these type of birds.

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