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The Marriage of an Old House and a Dilapidated Shed

Well, I had lots of materials salvaged from a couple of old structures and these materials were taking too much space inside my woodcarving shop and wood storage shed, so instead of crying about it, I set off to build me a chicken coop and garden shed combo. The footprint is exactly 5' wide x 16' long x 10' to ridge. The windows were also salvaged from a sunroom someone upgraded, they are crafted from white cedar, nice!  I set them up on pivots, so no frames required, just swing out and fresh air blows throughout the room, nice.
The Skeleton

The Rooster that Won't Crow
So yeah, every chicken coop should be ruled by a loud beaked rooster, but in this case the Rooster will be a silent sentinel mounted atop a prominently display beam. The one I set here in the photo is not the final one, just a test. I still have a lot of interior work to do and some exterior detailing and painting before Winter's arrival. Hopefully I will be able to get it all done and have it ready …

Cardinal Pair Prep Work and more...

I have been "mentally sketching" out the general details for another Cardinal woodcarving job, basically, a pair perching close together, attentive to their surroundings. Not yet settled on any solid idea. Also awaiting completion is the sitting Eagle and more recently, the prospects of another Chickadee Nestbox composition. So it's time to get busy with these, before my workshop gets too cold to hold carving tools on my hands. Will post the sketches at a later time as well as updates of work in progress. 1/31/2017 update....unbelievable almost two years since I posted about the Cardinals...which aren't yet completed...why? Too busy with other bigger$$$ projects and life.

I did work on another Chickadee Nestbox, actually, I completed two, one went off to California...the other one I kept.